Mt Donna Buang Snow playground is a 40 minute drive beyond Launching Place.    Snow Report.

It is an ideal place to introduce the Family to the joys of playing in the snow or to the horror of washing all the clothes after the play.   The best time to arrive at the mountain top is around 10:00 to 10:30 at the 10 mile car park.  This car park is 4km from the top car park and the generally if the road above is icy you will not be able to travel to the top unless you have chains on or have a 4WD.

If it has snowed recently you should find snow at this car park for the children to have a bit of a frolic.  Unfortunately it does get muddy here quite quickly so overall the play will be short but enjoyable.

If you make it to the top car park you will find a walk of 600 metres to the summit along the access road where there is a open air shelter, toilets and look out tower.   Toboggan runs are locate below the summit on the right hand side with a small one for the young children and a little bit longer one for the big kids at heart, adults, as well as youths.

You can hire a toboggan from the top but check to see if he is there before you venture up.  Remember to take your food with you as there is no commercial facilities on the mountain and take you rubbish with you.

An important point is that if it is snowing and you are at the top car park and you have no chains it is advised to leave your car there as the drive down to the 10 mile car park is quite treacherous and it has been know for cars to take over 3 hours to travel the 4kms.  You will have no traction on the road at all and use your gears and hand brake to slow down and drive carefully.

Once you have enjoyed the snow stop at the Home Hotel with its large carpark and warm welcoming fires.  We will welcome you with open arms and we should be able to find the Hot Chocolate.